Our family lawyers are here to support you through any stress and trauma that you are living with, and the difficult time you are trying to get through. Our Brisbane family lawyers are here to minimise this stress as much as possible, through fast, efficient, and understanding support. We are here to act as your partner through the legal process, from the moment you reach out to us, right through to the very end.

We provide upfront disclosure of outlays at all times, which provides you with the assurance of always knowing that you will not incur any unknown costs. To attest to our level of support, we offer after-hour and weekend appointments for convenience, tailoring these meetings to your needs and committing to delivering an outcome needed.

Feel secure, confident and comforable with our Brisbane law firm, including our guaranteed 24 hour response turnaround to all your communications. To speak to someone about our family law services, contact us on 0431 336 999.

Family Law Services

Parenting Arrangements

  • ​Children and Parenting Matters
  • Relocation Matters
  • International Children’s Matters
  • Child Support
  • Abduction and Recovery
  • Paternity Cases and DNA Testing


  • Property Settlement
  • Financial Agreement
  • International Property Settlements
  • Intervention Orders
  • Prenuptuial Agreements
  • Hogan Order


  • ​Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • De facto relationships
  • Same-sex relationships
  • Injunctions and restraining orders
  • Spousal maintenance


  • Consent Orders
  • Mediation

Children Matters

At Skene Lawyers, we put children at the forefront of matters that could greatly impact them. Ongoing conflict between parents or guardians can leave lasting impacts on children, and our team of Brisbane family lawyers want to help you find a solution sooner to avoid any trauma on the children involved in these legal situations.

The way parents manage a separation, or any type of conflict can truly impact their children without the parents’ knowledge – this is why it’s important to maintain an amicable relationship throughout the process, your children are worth the effort.



From divorce to domestic violence, our team of Brisbane family lawyers are here to support you through the complexities of separation or legal situations revolving around your relationship. We understand how tough these situations can be, and how daunting the process might feel.

Feel comfortable and confident knowing you have a support system in Skene Lawyers, working alongside you every step of the way until we can reach a desired outcome that allows you and your family to move forward.



As a team offering leading family legal services, we have navigated the world of property law a number of times, making us a trusted source for these particular situations. When it comes to negotiation, we know how to reach an amicable conclusion, and have argued many difficult cases for our clients.

Property is one of the most difficult issues to resolve during a separation, which is why it’s recommended you seek professional legal advice on the matter, to ensure you are provided the right information and guidance and can avoid the courts (if possible).


Why Choose Skene Lawyers

Personal Guidance

Skene Lawyers are here to support you from beginning to end, assisting you towards a beneficial outcome.


We take pride in disclosing all outlays at all times, providing you with reassurance that there are no hidden fees.

Efficient & responsive

Efficiency and timely responses are something that makes us stand out. When you need us, we are here for you.

What our clients say

Skene Lawyers has helped hundreds of Australians through their separation, and it all comes down to our approach to Family Law. Take a look at our testimonials below for added confidence on whether our family legal services are right for you.

Highly recommend

Absolutely wonderful experience. Dispite my circumstances, Amanda was able to give the best advice and made me feel less overwhelmed and less stressed, aswell as being very professional, I was able to open up and get on a personal level. Will highly recommend to anyone.!

A Edwards / Google Review

Genuine compassion

Professionalism tempered with genuine compassion, Amanda handled my case confidently and intuitively, i doubt that i would have been as happy with any other firm.

Ron Ziebell / Google Review

upmost professionalism and dedication

Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She assisted me through a difficult time with the upmost professionalism and dedication. I couldn’t rate her services better.

Teagan McKeown / Google Review

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Any type of family legal matter is going to be difficult for all involved – and we have designed our family law services around this. At Skene Lawyers, we are here to be your trusted partner throughout the process – someone you can lean on. Whether it’s child support, separation, or property matters, we are here to assist and guide you toward an amicable conclusion so that everyone involved has the confidence and comfort to move forward and lead their own lives.

Meeting our dedicated Brisbane family lawyers is going to give them the best chance to learn about your specific needs and requirements and gives us (and yourself) a better understanding of whether we will truly be able to assist you to the fullest extent.

Our goal is to successfully lead you through the struggles you are facing, taking the stress of legal matters off of your shoulders and putting it onto our own. Give Skene Lawyers a call on 0431 336 999 today or email us directly on amanda@skenelawyers.com for some more information before starting the process.

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