When two parties have reached an agreement on parenting or property matters after a separation, a consent order is used to formalise this arrangement. Family court consent orders prevent those involved from needing to go to court and helps to create an amicable solution that is in the best interests of all involved.

As a legally binding document, each person included in the order must follow it or risk legal consequences. At Skene Lawyers, no case is too complicated, and we are here to provide a fixed fee consent order to help you get back on track and living your best life.

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The Family Court COnsent Orders We Provide

Fixed Fee Parenting Orders

During a separation, deciding custody of the children is often the hardest thing to determine. Once you and your partner have reached an amicable solution, we pair you with a consent order lawyer who turns your arrangement into a legally binding document.

Details we require include whether you will share joint custody, who the child will predominantly live with, the time split between parents, school holiday and other special occasion arrangements, and if any family violence has occurred. From there, your fixed fee consent order will be drafted within 24 hours and lodged with the court.

Fixed Fee Property Consent Orders

When a couple decides to separate, assets must be divided between the pair, and there is no bigger asset than property. Whether it is the home you occupy or other assets you share like cars and business interests, their ownership must be considered during divorce.

Your consent order lawyer can walk you through this process to help you find a solution that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Just provide us with your full details, a list of your assets and liabilities, who gets what, and we will have your application drafted within 24 hours and sent to the court on your behalf.

For those looking to acquire family court consent orders for both property and children, we offer a service that combines both for an additional price. We are also able to provide a fixed fee consent order for superannuation splits.

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