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I am Amanda Skene, and in the next couple of minutes, I will explain to you how to resolve your family law issue in the most cost-effective and fastest way possible.

In fact, not only will I help you save money, I will try and help you settle your matter and reach an agreement with your former partner within 21 days!

Of course, not all cases can settle negotiations in 21 days due to their complexities however, we can still guarantee that we can try and settle it faster than most law firms.

I feel confident in saying this because not only do I own Skene Lawyers and oversee and manage every file that comes through the firm, but I have also been able to develop a model from my many years of experience that enables me to guarantee you, the client, a fast and cost-effective outcome.

The model at Skene Lawyers is quite simple. It is about attentiveness, attention to detail, and skilled delivery.  We listen, compile and skilfully apply to ensure you receive maximum results.

What makes us so different from other family law firms is the value we place on time. Time is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring your matter is accurately and efficiently dealt with, ensuring you incur no additional, unnecessary costs.

To achieve this, we take the time to listen.

We take the time to compile, and we take the time to apply what you have told us to your matter accurately in the first instance.

Time and accuracy are among the most crucial elements of our model.

Everybody has time.  However, we use our time, YOUR time, in the most efficient and effective manner possible, which in turn, saves YOU time and, subsequently, money.  How do we do this? It is easy.

We ensure that all our lawyers, paralegals, and support staff operate with a low file capacity.  There are no fat cats here; our focus is you, the client.

Often, clients come to us feeling let down after terrible experiences with other firms, complaining about being passed around like batons, where phone calls and emails were not responded to, deadlines were missed, and files were lost.  Where work conducted on the file was inaccurate, sloppy and slow.  Their previous firms also incurred high staff turnover, which resulted in the client never knowing who was looking after their case as so many lawyers had been allocated to their file.  In short, they felt lost.

We know clients want to get their issues sorted out fast and urgently.  Especially when it has to do with property.  We understand that, and for that to happen, you need a lawyer who can respond to you immediately and with accuracy and urgency.  We guarantee that we can do this for you because of our client-to-lawyer ratio model.

Too many times, we hear, “I was repetitively handed around the office and referred to as file number.  Documents were presented to court late, unchecked and incomplete. What made this worse, is that I paid for this inefficient double handling.

Clients found this experience frustrating, expensive, and utterly devastating, given that they were already experiencing high stress and trauma due to their separation.

We can guarantee to you that this will NOT happen at Skene Lawyers.  In fact, I am so confident that you will not experience this that we will guarantee you a refund of your money back if it does.*

We guarantee that we will reduce your stress and trauma by handling your case correctly and not waste any time recapping, updating, or double handling.

We guarantee that your allocated lawyer or I, will respond to any communications by you, to us, within 24 hours of contact.

We also offer ‘out-of-business‘ and ‘weekend appointments‘ for clients who cannot speak with our lawyers during business hours.  This ensures that your matter is constantly up to date and not lagging.

If you want a speedy response, a well-prepared case, and an expertly delivered argument, contact us now so that we can get started.  

Please do not waste time arguing with a firm about why they are not prioritising your matter.  

Instead, avoid the stress and choose a firm that genuinely cares about your outcome.

Choose a firm that takes pride in ensuring you receive the maximum result possible.

If that is the approach you want, you are starting at the right place because you will already be ahead and will be calmer by engaging Skene Lawyers, knowing that:

  • Your matter will be commenced immediately;
  • It will be thoroughly investigated to ensure maximum result;
  • You will receive regular updates on your matter;
  • Guidance on any legal terms that you do not understand will be discussed with you so as to ensure you are fully aware of your options;
  • You will receive a 24-hour response turnaround to your phone calls and communications; and
  • A cost-effective and fast resolution of your matter will be adopted with the intention to settle negotiations with your former partner within 21 days.

Invest in your future.  This is a serious transition in your life.  Let us help you achieve the peace and tranquility that you deserve so that you can move on with your new life. 


Unfamiliar with the legal process  – don’t risk making a mistake that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars

It is essential to know what you are doing in your property settlement.

For example, there are critical deadlines that you need to know and follow.

Missing a deadline or not knowing what you are doing could jeopardize your claim, send you bankrupt and cause financial ruin.

Contact us now to avoid this from happening.

Make sure you are on the right path to financial security.

Avoid the unknowns that are causing you anxiety.  Settle your matter knowing that you have maximised your claim and that you, and your children’s financial future has been protected.

At Skene Lawyers we ensure that you are aware of each step and understand why we recommend such steps.

Where do I start?

Overwhelmed and emotionally stressed by your separation?  

Is your your former partner demanding you to settle your Property Settlement, or you want to settle fast, but you don’t know where to start?

Have you received legal documents from your former partner’s lawyer, but you can’t tell what is what or what it all means?

Give us a call and we can schedule a time to go over the documents and answer any questions you have. 

Avoid unnecessary stress.

It is already a turbulent and emotional time for you.  Let us deal with it!

Hand it all over to experienced lawyers.  Feel the relief within minutes of doing so.

Is your former partner sending you unnecessary emails that are upsetting?

By engaging Skene Lawyers, we will assist in limiting your exposure to unwanted emotional correspondence between you and your former partner.  This will reduce the emotional strain that you are already experiencing.

Free up your day and mind.  Let us do all of the hard work for you, and instead, you can have the freedom and time to work on healing, to find peace and tranquility, and to build a strong and solid platform for the commencement of your new life.

What assets can I take at separation.  Can I be accused of theft?

Don’t leave your valuable assets behind.  You may not be able to retrieve them after you have left the family home due to conflict and disputes over ownership etc.

If you are unsure about ownership, take them now for safekeeping, and this can be dealt with later.

Have you taken an asset, and your former partner wants it back?

Contact us now so that we can advise you on your rights on whether or not you can keep the asset.  Don’t risk handing back an asset or investment that could rightfully be yours!!!  Always ensure you are fully aware of your rights so that you can make the right decisions.

Did you know pets are considered property!

Concerned your former partner will destroy or hide evidence of assets?  Want to minimize your liabilities to debts? 

Stop your former partner stealing, hiding, and destroying assets, resulting in you missing out on hundred’s of thousands of dollars.  Learn how you can prevent this from happening.

Has your former partner stopped maintaining the house, resulting in its value rapidly decreasing and preventing you from placing it on the market? 

Don’t risk a scenario where your former partner remains in the family home and intentionally depreciates its value out of spite.  Talk to us about how we can prevent this from occurring.

Is your former partner purposely trying to devalue an asset or is frivolously spending funds, resulting in you receiving less at the property settlement?

Failure to address this now will inevitably damage you and your children’s future finances.

Act now to prevent this from occurring.  Ensure you have the finances and credit history to buy your next home.  Avoid any regrets.  Don’t leave it until it’s too late.  

Let us help you protect your assets so that your future is not affected. 

Do you want a property settlement now, but your former partner is refusing to respond or settle?

Is your former partner ignoring your requests to negotiate a property settlement?  Are they intentionally trying to keep your dispute alive and maintain control over you?  Do you want closure now and to move on with your life?

Learn how we can force your former partner to respond in 21 days!!

Experience the relief in achieving closure in your matter!!

Is your credit rating at risk to your former partner?  

Has your former partner stopped paying the mortgage, or is there a risk that this might happen?

Want to know if you are financially liable if your former partner stops paying the mortgage?  Are you still liable even though you are not living there and paying rent elsewhere?

Find out now what financial risks you are exposed to.

Don’t risk your credit rating being at risk!

Learn how to prevent this from happening.  Don’t incur a financial debt that is not yours.

Draw Downs

Can your former partner draw down the mortgage, leaving you with a larger debt than what you had at separation?  Don’t let this happen, which could damage your financial future and prevent you from buying a new home.  

Find out how we can help you avoid this.  

Not sure of the Asset Pool? Know your asset pool – maximise your property settlement, minimize your debts 

Not knowing the extent of your property pool could cost you hundred’s of thousands of dollars.   Avoid financial disaster by investigating the property pool thoroughly.  Leave no stone unturned. 

Is your former partner selling off assets or hiding profits?

Learn how we can put in place preventative measures to protect assets before this occurs. 

Is your former partner concealing any assets? 

Don’t miss out on any assets that you are entitled to.

Ensure you and your children’s financial future are protected and secured.

Don’t drag yourself through the mental anguish of not knowing if assets were concealed and always wondering what you were genuinely entitled to.

Ensure that you have done everything possible to protect your and your children’s financial security.

Engage lawyers who are going to thoroughly investigate your matter!

How to remove an aggressive or violent partner or former partner from the house?

Do you want your aggressive or violent partner to move out of the house, but they refuse to leave?

Find out how we can assist in obtaining orders from the court (without your partner knowing at first instance) ordering your partner to leave the premises even if the house or lease is in their name.  Once orders are made without your partner knowing, the police will arrive with the orders and escort your partner or former partner from the house where you will be able to remain at the premises with a protection order in force.  Learn how we can arrange this for you. 

Obtaining these orders are not simple so ensure you aware of the necessary requirements in order to qualify for such orders. 

Abusive text messages

Sick of losing sleep wondering how you can avoid abusive and controlling communications from your former partner when discussing a property settlement? 

Contact us now.  It can all be prevented.

Is your former partner slandering you?

Worried your former partner is going to slander you on social media?  Concerned they are going to contact your friends, family or work colleagues to defame you. 

Don’t let this happen.

Don’t risk your reputation, don’t risk loosing your job.  Act now before it’s too late.

Contact us to find out how we can help you from this occurring.

Man and woman signing wills


Everyone has a past!

It is so important that we know the whole story.  It enables us to advise you on all aspects of your matter correctly, leaving no stone unturned.

Everything you tell us is confidential and is only ever disclosed if and when you instruct us to do so.

Many clients worry about disclosing personal information and how this information, ie, drug-taking or gambling, may affect their case.  However, we must know everything so that we can adequately advise you.

What you say to us remains between us.

Save on legal fees

Do it once and do it fast!

Engage lawyers who are experienced and have the time to attend to your matter.

Invest wisely in your future.  The more experienced your lawyer is, the faster your case will be resolved, costing you less time and money.

An inexperienced or junior lawyer may be cheaper at the initial stage but can end up costing you more money and time in the long run because they are inexperienced.  

Don’t make this mistake, this is your future.  Your future is valuable and deserves the best. 

Often our firm is contacted by clients who initially engaged cheaper lawyers.  As a result, they found that the lawyer was inexperienced or overworked or both.

Consequently, their case was either damaged, unsatisfactorily settled or left incomplete.

Further, the client’s calls were often rarely answered or returned by their lawyer. 

When their solicitor returned their call, the solicitor was so unfamiliar with the matter that they would have to review the file before responding.   This delay would slow down the process, endanger their case and cost them more money and time.

A busy solicitor may not be the best solicitor for you!

At Skene Lawyers, we ensure our lawyers will always have the time to deal with your matter and immediately address anything urgent that arises during your case.  We guarantee this or your money back.*

Don’t cut corners and risk your future.

Engaging an experienced lawyer will resolve your case quickly minimizing the time and money you will need to spend in the long run.

At Skene Lawyers, we guarantee to offer you high-level, experienced, efficient, and time-effective lawyers.

Want to get started now? Give us a call to start the process! 

24 Hour Response Guarantee

Instant response!

A busy law firm does not necessarily mean a good law firm.

What you want is a law firm that responds quickly, and we do so within 24 hours, guaranteed or your money back.*  

Busy lawyers have less time to respond and less time to act upon urgent matters causing you unnecessary stress and sleepless nights waiting for their response.

Avoid this stress by engaging us now to act on your behalf.

You will never be frustrated with our response time to your queries because, we are always available and happy to help.

Our guaranteed 24-hour response times ensure all our clients get the best results each and every time.

We also offer after-hour and weekend appointments. 

No matter is too complex, large or small 

Never give up!!!

Your situation may seem overwhelming to you, but we know how to unravel and resolve the most complicated issues, often with ease.  This is what we are trained to do.  This is what we love to do.  We are here to help. 

Delays or inefficiencies can also cause complications, so it’s always best to take legal advice early from an experienced lawyer.

Engaging Skene Lawyers early will make your life, and your case easier in the long run.

Guaranteed Upfront Costs Disclosure

What does this mean for you?  First, this means that there will be no unpleasant financial surprises if you engage us.  We are upfront and honest about costs right from the start.

Know before you go!

Regular, Detailed Itemised Account

Avoid surprises.  Know exactly where you stand and what you are paying for!

You will receive detailed monthly accounts showing what work has been done on your file leaving you informed at all times.

Immediate Availability – Book now

Need an answer now but can’t find a lawyer to speak to?

Book an appointment at Skene Lawyers now and get started.  After-hour appointments are always available to suit your needs.

Principal Review

Worried your matter will be passed around the office to different staff members?

Your initial consultation is always conducted by the principal of the firm, Amanda Skene, who remains involved in your case until its conclusion.   The benefit of this is that you will always have access to someone who is familiar with your case.

Leading Law Firm

Skene Lawyers is one of the most highly sought-after law firms in Australia.

Experience first-class services with our 100% Five Star rating.  Why choose anything less?!

Clear And Easy To Understand Communications

We guarantee you will find us easy to understand.

We will talk to you in your language!

Know where you stand and what is next so you can make the best decisions for your future.

Free Will

Our gift to you, valid for two years after completion of your matter.*

That means, at Skene Lawyers, we guarantee you:

  • 24-hour response guarantee or your money back
  • Immediate Availability
  • Fast, accurate, and thorough professional services 

Principal of Skene Lawyers in office

About Amanda

Amanda has been in the legal field for over 20 years and is now the principal of Skene Lawyers.


You will find Amanda is approachable, passionate, and highly empathetic to people in crisis.  People warm to her ability to place them at ease during stressful times. 

She understands people and is a good communicator on all levels.  In addition, being organized, patient and assertive with strong negotiating skills this makes Amanda a highly sought-after lawyer. 


Amanda is highly efficient and responsive.  She is accurate, thorough, and always ten steps ahead of the other side. 

She has extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the law and has her own network of legal specialists.

Her perseverance, analytical, and investigative skills ensure your case is always comprehensively researched and presented in the best manner.

Whether it is basic negotiations, mediation or representing you in court, you will find Amanda always delivers. 

Here is what our clients have said on google.

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Five star
5 months ago
Positive: Professionalism

“Could not of asked for a better service during stressful times. Amanda was amazing and made our situation so much less stressful. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a service where your not treated as just a number your situation is priority.”

2 years ago
I was referred to Amanda after my marriage ended for legal advice. The other party lodged the consent orders so I needed someone I could trust to navigate me through the process. Amanda was very understanding and patient especially as I wasn’t emotionally coping. Amanda handled all the communication and negotiations on my behalf. I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda.
2 years ago
I am so very thankful for meeting Amanda and having her represent me in my divorce and financial settlement. I had another solicitor before Amanda and I certainly felt the difference. I was very unsure and scared of what to expect as I have never been through anything like this before. But I felt that Amanda was with me the whole way guiding me and supporting me through to a successful outcome. Amanda was very professional through the process. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone reading this. I have NOT been disappointed.
3 years ago
As anyone dealing with a family law issue, I was incredibly stressed and anxious about the court process. Amanda knew how to interact with me, advised me professionally and gave me the reassurance I needed every step of the way. Her rates were fair and I always knew in advance what to expect. I came out the other end of my legal issue in the exact position I had hoped to be in. Thank you again and again.
2 years ago
I found Amanda to be very professional and very helpful in my dealings with her. I was overwhelmed with the documents I was given by my wife’s lawyer, but Amanda made it very easy for me to decide my best course of action in relation to these. I will be recommending Skene lawyers to any of my friends or family who may need legal advice.
a year ago
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

First class experience dealing with Amanda, very prompt in responding to emails and the advice I received was invaluable. Highly recommended and looking forward to dealing with Amanda and Skene Lawyers in the future.

3 years ago
Absolutely wonderful experience. Dispite my circumstances, Amanda was able to give the best advice and made me feel less overwhelmed and less stressed, aswell as being very professional, I was able to open up and get on a personal level. Will highly recommend to anyone.!
3 years ago
Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She assisted me through a difficult time with the upmost professionalism and dedication. I couldn’t rate her services better.
3 years ago
Professionalism tempered with genuine compassion, Amanda handled my case confidently and intuitively, i doubt that i would have been as happy with any other firm.
5 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

The help I received from Skene lawyer’s was invaluable and highly recommend.

3 years ago
Amanda is very friendly and full of experience. She thinks from a client’s point of view and provide a lot of valuable advice to me. Thank you!
3 years ago
Attention to detail and solution based services made Amanda a pleasure dealing with.
5 months ago
Positive: Professionalism

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Let’s Get Started!

So at Skene Lawyers, as you can see, you will be well looked after by experienced, passionate and responsive lawyers. 
As discussed, we guarantee you:
•          24-hour response guarantee or your money back*
•          Immediate Availability
•          Fast, accurate, and thorough professional services

Call us today and if we can’t settle negotiations of your matter within 21 days** you will receive a continual 10% off your entire account, from beginning to end, guaranteed, or your money back.  Don’t miss this unforgettable offer for May 2022.   Act now.  We are here to help.

*(limited to costs that you would have incurred for that query only)

** (settlement of negotiation means letter of acceptance by your former partner or their lawyer (not consent orders or a signed binding financial agreements))

Disclaimer:  The above information is not to be taken as advice as each matter is unique to its own set of circumstances. We highly recommend that you seek legal advice before you commence any action regarding your matter.

For clarification, please contact us on 0431 336 999 or amanda@skenelawyers.com for an appointment. 

Our Principal, Amanda Skene, is experienced in the issues surrounding family law and can help navigate you through this delicate and emotional path.

Contact Skene Lawyers now to obtain the advice you need.